Dr. Juan "Joanne" Zhao, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Research Engineer

Dr. Zhao works with a team of engineers and technicians in identifying optimal operational strategies for building energy systems. Her work involves on-site field measurements and data collection, engineering analysis and calculation, simulation and optimization, research and development, and document reporting.

Prior to joining Bee, Dr. Zhao’s research centered on developing energy conservation measures for commercial, education, and industrial buildings. She has strong professional experience with building automation systems, HVAC system design and commissioning, and control optimization. During her studies and beyond, she published papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings on air purification, modeling for various types of ventilation systems, and is the co-author of ANSI/ASABE Standard S607.

Her professional qualifications include:

  • B.S. Thermal Engineering
  • M.S. Thermal Engineering
  • M.S. Architectural Engineering
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
  • Co-author of ANSI/ASABE Standard S607
  • Professional Engineer, Texas

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